On Site or Remote - Part Time Controller Services


Full time Controllers can be expensive and under utilized. With Perjohn you only pay for what you need at less cost than a full time person. Receive your financial statements on a timely basis so you can make better decisions with timely information.

Financial Reporting

I have the experience and knowledge to create management reports that make financial reporting understandable. Most software programs are expensive and difficult to use.  We provide you with customized reports to your liking.  


You get your car tuned regularly and you visit the doctor for a check up but when was the last time you applied a measurable to your accounting system? We can help you identify opportunities to increase profit from cost saving internally instead of just trying to increasing revenue.


We will set up measuring tools that will help you stay on track. We will assist with your financing needs and give you a better idea of when you need to do to achieve a higher level of success.

13 Week Cash Flow

You may not have cash at the moment and you are forced into a long term high interest loan because you are unaware of the cash hiding in your receivables or inventory. Make good choices by predicting the next quarter's cash flow.

Distress Situations

I spent 3 years with a company that required the services of an Asset Based Lender. It was an interesting experience of managing tight cash flow periods and utilizing the entire accounting cycle to achieve success in the end.